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McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32


Multiple Brands

Multiple Scales

Jorge A. Zajia


Aeropostal was Venezuela's first flag carrier. Its name comes from the French company Compagnie générale aéropostale, which founded the airline in 1929. An old airline brand, its history has been full of successes and crises, and it has also gone back and forth between private and government ownership several times. A prolific DC-9 and MD-80 operator for several decades, in 2009 they painted a DC-9-32 in a retro livery that dated back to the 1950s. The aircraft is still "preserved" in front of the company hangar at Maiquetía Airport in the Caracas metropolitan area.

GeminiJets produced a version of this model back in 2010 when the aircraft was still in active service. In 2021 InFlight200 released it again, this time in 1:200 scale obviously, for El Aviador Models.

Note how the. GJ version has more printed details in the nose area.

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