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The 400 Scale Monthly Wrap-up for June 2023

All the 1:400 releases & announcements of the month in one place

What got announced for June 2023: Aeroclassics

  1. Aer Lingus Vickers Viscount 700 EI-AFV

  2. Air Canada Vickers Viscount 700 CF-GXK

  3. Air Côte d'Ivoire Airbus A320 TU-TSX

  4. Air India Airbus A320 VT-EPK (Act'07 Red Livery)

  5. Air New Zealand Boeing 767-200 ZK-NBJ (All-white c/s) 400 Scale Hangar Club Release

  6. Alaska Airlines Airbus A320 N855VA (Alaska Giants c/s)

  7. Hawaiian Vickers Viscount 700 N745HA

  8. Royal Netherlands Air Force Douglas DC-10-30 T-255

  9. Thai Douglas DC-10-30 HS-TGA

  10. United Airlines Boeing 727 N7010U (Saul Bass c/s)

  11. United Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 N1853U (Saul Bass c/s)

GeminiJets (Announced May 15, 2023)

  1. Air France A320-200 Air France A320-200 F-HEPF

  2. Mauritius B747SP Air Mauritius B747SP 3B-NAG

  3. Atlas Air B767-300ER Atlas Air B767-300ER N649GT

  4. Contour Airlines E145LR Contour Airlines E145LR N12552

  5. Copa Airlines B737-800S Copa Airlines B737-800S HP-1841CMP (75th anniversary retro c/s)

  6. Delta Air Lines B737-900ER Delta Air Lines B737-900ER N856DN

  7. Delta Air Lines B767-400ER Delta Air Lines B767-400ER N826MH (Ron Allen/interim c/s) – First release on this mold.

  8. Hawaiian Airlines B717-200 Hawaiian Airlines B717-200 N491HA

  9. Trump Shuttle B727-200 Trump Shuttle B727-200 N918TS

JC Wings

  1. Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight B747-8(BBJ) A6-PFA

  2. Air Canada Cargo B767-300ER(BDSF) C-GHLV

  3. Airbus Industrie A350-1000XWB F-WMIL (Upnext titles)

  4. Airbus Industrie A350-1000XWB F-WMIL (Upnext titles) - Flaps down

  5. Airbus Transport International A330-700L F-WBXL - Interactive

  6. Argentina Air Force Boeing 757-200 ARG-01 (2023 presidential c/s)

  7. British Airways B747-8i (Fantasy Landor c/s)

  8. Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400 B-HKT

  9. Cathay Pacific Cargo Boeing 747-400F B-***

  10. China Eastern COMAC C919 B-919A (“First Commercial Flight” titles) with stand

  11. Dragonair L-1011-1 VR-HOD (delivery c/s) 1 of 2 Box-set of 2

  12. Dragonair L-1011-1 VR-HOK (final c/s) 2 of 2 Box-set of 2

  13. Ethiopian Cargo B777F ET-AWE - Interactive

  14. Garuda Indonesia B737-800 PK-GMZ (75 Indonesia Maju c/s)

  15. Iraqi Airways B787-8 Dreamliner YI-ATC

  16. Iraqi Airways B787-8 Dreamliner YI-ATC - Flaps down

  17. KLM Exel ERJ-145MP PH-RXA

  18. Kuwait Airways B747-400(M) 9K-ADE

  19. Kuwait Airways B747-400(M) 9K-ADE - Flaps down

  20. Martinair MD-11 PH-MCP

  21. Privilege Style B777-200ER EC-MUA

  22. Privilege Style B777-200ER EC-MUA - Flaps down

JC Wings Late June Announcement Expected to reach stores in August:

  1. Air India B747-400 VT-ESO

  2. Air India B747-400 VT-ESO - Flaps down

  3. Boeing Company B777-9 N779XY

  4. French Air Force A330-200 F-UJCT

  5. Middle East Airlines A321neo T7-ME3 (10000th A320 Family logo)

  6. Nok Air ATR 72-500 HS-DRC

  7. Norse Atlantic Airways B787-9 LN-FNB

  8. Norse Atlantic Airways B787-9 LN-FNB - Flaps down

  9. Omni Air International B767-200ER N225AX (Aer Lingus titles)

Future releases:

  1. All Nippon Airlines (ANA) B787-9 JA894A (Pikachu Jet c/s)

  2. All Nippon Airlines (ANA) B787-9 JA894A (Pikachu Jet c/s) - Flaps down

  3. B747-400F B-HUO - Interactive

  4. Japan Airlines B767-300ER JA614J (Dream-Go-Round c/s)

  5. Ukrainian Air Force Antonov An-26 48

NG Models (Future release set announced in June 2023)

  1. A320neo N776AV (AeroGal Heritage c/s)

  2. Airbus A321XLR F-WWAB (QR code c/s)

  3. Airbus A321XLR F-WWBZ (Flying Xtra Long Range c/s, with PW1100G engines)

  4. Airbus A321XLR F-WXLR (Flying Xtra Long Range c/s, with CFMI LEAP-1A engines)

  5. Alaska Airlines 737-800/w N559AS (Salmon People c/s, with scimitar winglets)

  6. Alaska Airlines 737-900ER/w N493AS (More to Love c/s, with scimitar winglets)

  7. Atlas Air 747-8F N863GT (bare metal, pre-paint factory skin)

  8. Avianca A320-200 N398AV. (Aviateca Heritage c/s)

  9. British Overseas Airways Corporation 747-8 G-BOAC (fantasy)

  10. GOL Linhas Aereas 737-800/w PR-GXI (smile c/s)

  11. GOL Linhas Aereas 737-800/w PR-GXN (Clube Smiles c/s)

  12. Hainan Airlines 737-800/w B-1501 (Pepsi c/s, with scimitar winglets)

  13. Mexico - Air Force 787-8 Dreamliner TP-01

  14. Qatar Airways 737 MAX 8 A7-BSC

  15. Southwest Airlines 737 MAX 8 N8710M (Imua One c/s)

  16. Tajikistan Government 787-8 Dreamliner EY-001

  17. Virgin Australia 737 MAX 8 VH-8IA

NG Models/Buchannan Models June announcement

  1. Air France 777-300ER F-GZNT (SkyTeam c/s)

  2. Air India 777-200LR VT-AEG (revised new c/s)

  3. All Nippon Airways - ANA L-1011-1 JA8522 (Blue Triton c/s)

  4. American Airlines 777-200ER N795AN (delivery c/s)

  5. American Airlines 777-200ER N796AN (One World on delivery c/s)

  6. American Trans Air (ATA) L-1011-1 N31022 (in TWA basic c/s) – Buchannan Models

  7. British Airways 757-200 G-OOOB (Air 2000 basic c/s) – Buchannan Models

  8. China Southern Airlines A321-200 B-2282

  9. China Southern Cargo 777-200F B-20EN

  10. Euro Atlantic Airways 777-200ER CS-TFM

  11. Euro Atlantic Airways 777-200ER CS-TSX ("30th Anniversary" sticker)

  12. Finnair A350-900 OH-LWO ("Moomin, Finnair 100" sticker #2)

  13. Finnair A350-900 OH-LWP ("Moomin, Finnair 100" sticker #1)

  14. Garuda Indonesia A330-300 PK-GPZ (Kembara Angkasa - 74th Anniversary c/s)

  15. Japan Airlines A350-1000 JA01WJ

  16. Jetstar Airways A320-200 VH-VQH (with website titles)

  17. JetBlue A321-200WL (2010 c/s with “Our 200th Aircraft” titles) Exclusive for Airliners International 2023

  18. Qatar Airways 777-200LR A7-BBE (with "FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022" sticker)

  19. Qatar Airways 777-200LR A7-BBG

  20. Qatar Airways A330-300 A7-AEE

  21. Russia - Air Force Tu-154B-2 RA-85565

  22. Sichuan Airlines A350-900 B-325J (Panda Route c/s)

  23. Turkish Airlines 777-300ER TC-LJJ (UEFA Champions League cs)

  24. Turkish Airlines A330-300 TC-JNM (UEFA Champions League cs)

Panda Models

  1. British Airways (Dan-Air London) B 737-400 G-BNNK (Landor c/s) – ARD Exclusive

  2. British Airways B 737-400 G-DOCV (Chatham Dockyard c/s with nose black rim) – ARD Exclusive

  3. China Postal Airlines B 737-400 B-2891

  4. Pan American Airways (Carnival Airlines) B 737-400 N407KW (Pan Am Billboard c/s – Clipper Rapid)

  5. Russian Navy Tupolev Tu-134UBL RF-12037

  6. Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 N8645A (Heart c/s with “Heart Two” nose titles and scimitar winglets)

Phoenix Models

  1. All Nippon Airways (ANA) Boeing 787-9 JA894A (Pokemon c/s)

  2. Boliviana de Aviación (BoA) Airbus A330-200 CP-3209

  3. Cathay Pacific Cargo Boeing 747-400BCF B-HKJ (polished belly)

  4. Cathay Pacific Cargo Boeing 747-400BCF B-HKS (polished belly)

  5. Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-100 N9896 (Widget c/s with polished belly)

  6. Delta Air Lines McDonnell Douglas MD-11 N806DE (Widget c/s with polished belly)

  7. EgyptAir Airbus A340-300 A40-LE (Gulf Air reg. Delivery c/s)

  8. EI AI Israel Airlines Boeing 747-200 4X-AXB

  9. Indigo Air Boeing 777-300ER TC-LKD

  10. Kras Air Tupolev TU-154M RA-85694

  11. Lufthansa Airbus A321neo D-AIEP

  12. Lufthansa Airbus A321neo D-AIEQ (“600th Airbus Aircraft” titles)

  13. Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 D-ABTK (old c/s)

  14. Mercado Livre (Operated by GOL Linhas Aéreas) Boeing 737-800PS-GFD

  15. National Airlines Boeing 747-400F N663CA

  16. Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-400 N667US (Bowling Shoe c/s)

  17. Qatar Amiri Flight Boeing 747-8 BBJ A7-HBJ

  18. Solaseed Air Boeing 737-800 JA803X (Pokemon c/s)

  19. Swiss Airbus A340-300 HB-JMI

  20. United Airlines Boeing 747-200 N161UA (Battleship Grey c/s)

  21. United Airlines Boeing 747-400 N187UA (Battleship Grey c/s)

  22. Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8max VH-8IA

Look Back June 2023 closes with a total of 125 models being announced. May had a total of 52 announcements, April 105, and March 92. The heavy output can be attributed to the fact that JC Wings added heavily to their future release pipeline and NG Models did the same. Out of the smaller brands only Panda Models contributed to this month with five releases, so not a huge impact. What’s Hitting the Stores: June 2023 Aeroclassics, June 2023 GeminiJets, April 2023 Big Birds. Some JC Wings Future releases (July 2020, December 2020, March 2022, July 2022, September 2022, Late November 2022, Late December 2022, Late March 2023) Crowd Pleasers

  • Aeroclassics United Airlines Boeing 727 N7010U (Saul Bass c/s)

  • Aeroclassics United Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 N1853U (Saul Bass c/s)

  • GeminiJets Atlas Air B767-300ER Atlas Air B767-300ER N649GT

  • GeminiJets Delta Air Lines B767-400ER Delta Air Lines B767-400ER N826MH (Ron Allen/interim c/s) – First release on this mold.

  • NG Models JetBlue A321-200WL (2010 c/s with “Our 200th Aircraft” titles) Exclusive for Airliners International 2023 – Sold out at WestCoast Diecast during the convention.

  • Phoenix Models British Airways B747-136 G-AWNP (Landor c/s) – April 2023

Outlook GeminiJets July’s batch includes their second release on their brand new 767-400 mold wearing the United Continental merger livery, which is posed to perform well. Across the Community June saw a fair share of exciting exclusive releases. These include two Panda Models British Airways 737-400 exclusive for ARD, an NG Models JetBlue A321-200 exclusive for Airliners International 2023, and the return of the 400 Scale Hangar Club with an Aeroclassics Air New Zealand 767-200. You can see a photo report of Airliners International here:

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