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The Editor's Archives

Santa Barbara Airlines ATR-42 at Maracaibo La Chinita International Airport

A collection of aircraft photos, including many of the editor first attempts at aviation photography during the 2000s in Venezuela. 

Appreciate the glamour of the Jet-Age as portrayed by airlines and other aviation companies from yesterday and today on their promotional brochures and pamphlets.

Airline safety cards

Enjoy a small collection of older airline safety cards, and other airline emergency equipment collectibles.

Airline cutlery

Feel the elegance of the Jet-Set as conveyed by airlines from yesterday and today through their unique business and first-class silverware, and other in-flight items.

Timetable collection

A collection of sources that can be useful for aviation history research such as timetables, route maps and newspaper articles, as well as other items that do not fit any of the other categories in this section.

Aviation brouchures
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