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    Exceptional Aircraft Model & Diorama Photography Recently Added Model Photos HC-BXU Aeroclassics HC-BXU Aeroclassics YV-132C Aeroclassics HC-BXU Aeroclassics 1/20 © Jorge A. Zajia Search the Photo Gallery The Radar - Links to new r eleases and upcoming shows New 1:400 Releases Aeroclassics June 2024 Panda Models May 2024 GeminiJets May 2024 Phoenix June 2024 JC Wings June 2024 NG Models May 2024 Aviation 400 April 2024 JC Wings April 2024 GeminiJets April 2024 Phoenix Models April 2024 Aeroclassics Spring 2024 JC Wings 1:400 April 2024 JC Wings 1:400 March 2024 GeminiJets 1:400 February 2024 Aeroclassics February 2024 BigBird YourCraftsman400 February 2024 JC Wings February 2024 NG Models January 2024 GeminiJets January 2024 Aeroclassics January 2024 JC Wings 1:400 January 2024 Phoenix January 2024 GeminiJets 1:400 December 2023 JC Wings Special A380 Announcement December 2023 Patriot Models 1:400 December 2023 Announcement Aeroclassics December 2023 Releases NG Models 1:400 December 2023 Rreleses Phoenix 1:400 December 2023 Releases NG Models 1:400 November 2023 Releases Phoenix 1:400 December 2023 Releases GeminiJets 1:400 November 2023 JC Wings November 2023 Phoenix October 2023 Releases Aeroclassics Autumn 2023 NG Models October 2023 Releases GeminiJets October 2023 Releases JC Wings October 2023 Releases Phoenix Special Releases September 2023 Aviation 400 September 2023 JC Wings September 2023 Phoenix Models September/October 2023 GeminiJets September 2023 Socialize with like-minded collectors at an aviation collectible show! Find the next show close to you by browsing the lists on the links below. Upcoming Aviation Collectible Shows Frankfurt Aviation Fair List World Airline Historical Society's List Recent Blog Posts この言語で公開された記事はまだありません 記事が公開されると、ここに表示されます。 All Blog Posts Follow YankeeVictor400 Social Media Outlets: The Latest 40 Photos

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    Aircraft Model Photo Collection Reset Paramaters Sorry, No Results Found

  • Aircraft Photos | yankeevictor400

    1:1 Aircraft Photos Reset Parameters Sorry, No Results Found

  • About | yankeevictor400

    Exceptional Aircraft Model & Diorama Photography About YV400 Yankee Victor 400 comprises a series galleries showcasing different types of airline collectibles including, but not limited to, scale aircraft models, airline memorabilia, and aircraft photos. The site also hosts a blog where scale model collecting, aviation history, and the magic of flight converge in order to bring the reader entertaining and informative stories. ​ The Beginnings ​ The first version of the site was called Viasa400 (2015), and as the name indicates, it only included photos of 1:400 scale models of Viasa. The site then evolved into YankeeVictor400 (2021), and its content expanded to include the site owner's full collection of aircraft models and other aviation memorabilia. ​ Present ​ In 2023 an option was enabled for other collectors, besides the site owner, to upload their highly elaborate aircraft model & diorama photographs. YankeeVictor400's blog does the same for aircraft model collectors who wish to share the passion through elaborate pieces of writing instead of images. ​ The ultimate goal of YankeeVictor400 is to share the passion for aviation with the entire world through the hobby of aircraft model collecting and diorama building. ​ Do you want to share your content through YankeeVictor400? If you are interested in collaborating as a writer use the contact form below or send an email to: with your request to join the team as a writer. You can upload photos (subject to screening) using the photo upload form. Team Jorge A. Zajia : Site creator Mark - Retrohangar Diecast : Writer ​ Contact YV-400 is open to continuous improvement and to staying connected with its visitors, so please feel free to reach out for any of the following: Correct erroneous information Add relevant missing information General questions regarding the site’s content Suggestions to improve the site Contribute content to the site ​ ​ Contact Us First Name Last Name Email Write a message Submit Message Submitted Email Admin: Contact

  • The Editor's Archives | yankeevictor400

    The Editor's Archives Aircraft Photos A collection of aircraft photos, including many of the editor first attempts at aviation photography during the 2000s in Venezuela. Aviation Brochures Appreciate the glamour of the Jet-Age as portrayed by airlines and other aviation companies from yesterday and today on their promotional brochures and pamphlets. Safety Cards Enjoy a small collection of older airline safety cards, and other airline emergency equipment collectibles. Cutlery & In-Flight Feel the elegance of the Jet-Set as conveyed by airlines from yesterday and today through their unique business and first-class silverware, and other in-flight items. Misc. Memorabilia A collection of sources that can be useful for aviation history research such as timetables, route maps and newspaper articles, as well as other items that do not fit any of the other categories in this section. Button

  • Upload Info | yankeevictor400

    Upload Info Page Thank you for your interest in contributing content to YV400. ​ ​ The goal of the YV400 photo gallery is to compile a collection of photos of aircraft models, dioramas, and related subjects that stand out in some way. We want to show a selection of those exceptional images that are the result of the meticulousness of the photographer. ​ To achieve the aforementioned goal, all images uploaded to the site will go through a screening process before being accepted or rejected. Please visit the Photo Requirements page to learn more. ​ Copyright ©: ​ Only upload photos of which you are the copyright holder . The copyright © of the photos uploaded to YV400 remains the property of the respective author. The YV400 team may share links to photos uploaded to the site to promote both, the respective photo and the site. ​ Using the upload for m : ​ Uploading multiple photos of the same s ubject: The photo upload form allows users to upload up to 5 images at a time. However, this option shall only be used to upload multiple photos of the same subject as the other information included in the form (airline, aircraft type, etc.) will be the same for all of them. ​ Photos of different subjects must be uploaded separately. Not complying with this request is grounds for rejection of the upload by the screeners. ​ File formats and sizes: The following formats and size limits are recommended: .JPEG, .PNG, 2000px (long side), 3MB. Exceptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis. ​ Inapplicable information: If some of the information requested in the form does not apply to the photo that you are uploading select the N/A or Unknown as applicable. ​ Photos of multiple aircraft models: For photos that include multiple subjects that do not share the same information please use the fields that include the word Multiple (Multiple Airlines, Multiple Aircraft, Multiple Brands, etc.). If the subjects have different registrations please write Multiple Regs. on the Registration field. ​ Photos of subjects other than aircraft: For photos of airport dioramas you may select Airport from the Aircraft Type dropdown and submit the IATA/ICAO code in the Registration field. For ground service equipment select GSE from the Aircraft Type dropdown; you may fill out the registration field as appropriate (N/A and Unknown are options). ​ The database is growing : If you would like to have a new airline, aircraft, model brand, scale, or category added to the site, please submit a request on the add to the database page (must be signed in). ​ Questions? The best way to get in touch with someone regarding uploads is by emailing the editor at: ​ Sincerely, ​ Go to Upload Form Go to Upload Form

  • Safety Cards | yankeevictor400

    Safety Cards Airline Aircraft Category Reset Parameters Sorry, No Results Found

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    Miscellaneous Memorabilia Airline Category Reset Parameters Sorry, No Results Found

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    Aviation Brochures Airline Reset Parameters Sorry, No Results Found

  • Photo Requirements | yankeevictor400

    Photo Requirements The main requirement to upload photos to YV400 is that the main subjects in the frame are scale aircraft models, airport dioramas, ground service equipment, or any other object of similar nature. The models don’t have to be of any particular scale or material, and they can be presented in multiple settings such as standing alone, in a diorama, or in a display cabinet. ​ The photos don’t have to match the quality of those taken by professional photographers, but in general they should conform to the standards outlined below: Composition: There should not be excessive dead space around the subject. In most cases the subject should also be leveled with the horizon. ​ Background: ​ The background of the photo should be clean and uncluttered. Illumination: A good light source should be used to illuminate the subject, but be aware of harsh light and excessive reflections. Backlight is generally not acceptable to showcase a model, but it can be used to create scenes with dioramas, or for artistic purposes. Exposure: The photos should be properly exposed. This is to avoid excessive digital noise and/or the image being out of focus in low light conditions, and to prevent the image from being excessively dark or bright. As a general rule, photos taken in auto mode or with built-in cellphone cameras need a good light source for the camera to expose properly without sacrificing quality. Focus: The main subject must be in focus. ​ Resolution: The resolution should allow for all relevant detail to be appreciated without having to zoom in. Avoid over editing: Editing can help enhance an image, but too much of it, can take away from the subject’s natural beauty. Replacing colors or altering them excessively can make the subject look substantially different from what it looks like in person. Such image processing is not acceptable. Avoid excessive alterations: In general, the only alterations that are acceptable include: Erasing model stands and other supports to create in-flight scenes. Adding lights with software. Adding rain and other environmental effects with software. Minor modifications to simulate landing gear retraction. When altering a photo please ensure the results are as seamless as possible. Watermark considerations: Users are free to add their own watermarks and name/copyright logo to the images they upload to YV400, as long as they are not too invasive and do not prevent visitors from appreciating the image. If you have any questions regarding YV400’s photo requirements email . Sincerely, Go to Upload Form

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