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The 400 Scale Monthly Wrap-Up for July 2023

All the 1:400 releases & announcements of the month in one place

What got announced for July 2023: Aeroclassics

  1. Canada 3000 A320 C-GVXF

  2. Canada 3000 A320 C-GXBB (Monarch basic c/s)

  3. Jetblue A321WL N982JB (Mint c/s)

  4. Monarch A320 G-MONY

  5. Philippine Airlines DC-10-30 PH-DTI (KLM sticker)

  6. Philippine Airlines DC-10-30 RP-C2114

  7. Scoot A321neo 9V-NCC

  8. Scoot A321neo 9V-NCD

  9. Simplifly Deccan A320 VR-ADU

Aviation400 10. Air China A320WL B-8743 11. Air China 787-9 B-1368 12. Airbus Industrie A330-900 F-WTTN (house c/s) 13. All Nippon Airways – ANA 787-9 JA894A (Pikachu Jet c/s) 14. Boeing Company 787-9. N1015B (“Dreams Take Flight” c/s) 15. China Eastern 787-9 B-209N 16. China Southern 787-9 B-1128 17. Hawaiian Airlines 787-9 N780HA 18. Luftwaffe A350-900 10+02 19. Riyadh air 787-9 N8572C 20. Starlux Airlines A330-900 B-58302 GeminiJets 21. Alaska Airlines 737 MAX9 N915AK (Seattle Kraken c/s) 22. American Airlines A321neo N421UW 23. British Airways 777-200ER G-YMMR (One World c/s) 24. British Airways 777-200ER G-YMMR (One World c/s) – Flaps down 25. Delta Air Lines 717-200 N998AT 26. Delta Air Lines 767-300ER N1201P (current c/s) 27. Kalitta Charters II 747-400 N405CK 28. Lufthansa A330-300 D-AIKQ (Fanhansa Diversity Winds c/s) 29. Southwest Airlines 737 MAX8 N872CB (Canyon Blue retro c/s) 30. TAM Brazil Fokker F-100 PT-MRA 31. United Airlines 767-400ER N69059 (Continental globe c/s) NG Models 32. Aeromexico 737-700/w XA-GAM(polished fuselage) 33. Air Canada L1011-1 C-FTNA(Eastern Airlines basic bare metal c/s)( Buchannan Models Release) 34. Air China 737-600 B-5027 (without star alliance logo) 35. Air France A330-200 F-GZCG(revised new colors; named "Saint-Nazaire") 36. Air-India L1011-500 V2-LEJ 37. Atlantic International L1011-1 N330EA (Fantasy model from the movie Passenger 57) (Buchannan Models Release) 38. Bonza Airline 737 MAX 8 VH-UJK 39. Cathay Pacific Airways L-1011-1 VR-HHY (1970s c/s with Union Jack) 40. China Eastern Airlines C919 B-919A (with metal stand. 1st revenue flight of C919) 41. China Southern Airlines 737-700 B-5222(with SkyTeam logo) 42. Cubana Cargo Tu-204-100SE (TU-204CE) CU-C1703 43. EVA Airways 787-9 B-17883 44. OK Air 737-900ER B-1739 45. Scoot 787-8 9V-OFL 46. Starlux A350-900 B-58502 47. Thai Airways International 787-8 HS-TQF The following NG Models have been included in their July release announcement, but have not been counted as part of this month’s releases since they were already counted on the June announcement as “future releases”: A320neo N776AV (AeroGal Heritage c/s) Airbus Industrie A321XLR F-WWAB (QR code c/s) Airbus Industrie A321XLR F-WWBZ (Flying Xtra Long Range c/s, with PW1100G engines) Airbus Industrie A321XLR F-WXLR (Flying Xtra Long Range c/s, with CFMI LEAP-1A engines) Alaska Airlines 737-800/w N559AS (Salmon People c/s, with scimitar winglets) Alaska Airlines 737-900ER/w N493AS (More to Love c/s, with scimitar winglets) Avianca A320-200 N398AV. (Aviateca Heritage c/s) GOL Linhas Aereas 737-800/w PR-GXI (smile c/s) GOL Linhas Aereas 737-800/w PR-GXN (Clube Smiles c/s) Mexico - Air Force 787-8 Dreamliner TP-01 Qatar Airways 737 MAX 8 A7-BSC Southwest Airlines 737 MAX 8 N8710M (Imua One c/s) Tajikistan Government 787-8 Dreamliner EY-001 Virgin Australia 737 MAX 8 VH-8IA Phoenix Models 48. Air Seychelles 767-300ER S7-AHM 49. CAAC 747-200 B-2440 50. China Postal Airlines 777F B-221X 51. Delta Air Lines A330-900neo N421DX 52. Etihad Airways 767-300ER A6-EYZ 53. Ilyushin Design Bureau Il-96-300 CCCP-96000 (test-bed, Aeroflot c/s) 54. Lufthansa 747-200 D-ABZD (delivery c/s) 55. Lufthansa A340-300 D-AIGU (current c/s) 56. Qatar Airways 737 MAX 8 A7-BSC 57. Qatar Airways 777-200LR A7-BBH 58. United airlines 777-300ER N2749U (Evo Blue c/s) The following Phoenix Models from their June 2023 announcement have been delayed and included in this batch also. They are not counted as part of this month’s announcements, as they were already counted in June: All Nippon Airways – ANA 787-9 JA894A (Pokemon c/s) Indigo Air Boeing 777-300ER TC-LKD Solaseed Air Boeing 737-800 JA803X (Pokemon c/s) Swiss Airbus A340-300 HB-JMI Look Back A rather small set overall at 58 announcements/releases, compared with 125 in June 2023. May 2023 was also a small set with only 52 models, but April and March had 105 and 92 respectively. What’s Hitting the Stores Aeroclassics from July 2023, Phoenix from May 2023, Aviation400 from April 2023, GeminiJets from July 2023, Panda (C Models) from March, June 2023, some NG from March, June 2023. Crowd Pleasers · Aviogenex Tupolev TU-134A YU-AHX Panda Models, April 2023 · Russian Navy Tupolev Tu-134UBL RF-12037 Panda Models, June 2023 · Canadian Airlines International Boeing 767-300ER C-FCAB 40 Phoenix Models, May 2023 · Cubana Tupolev TU-154B CU-T1256 (last c/s) Phoenix Models, May 2023 · ITA Airways Airbus A350-900 EI-IFF (Monza 100 sticker) Aviation400, April 2023 Other Scales NG has not yet announced its first 757 releases in 1:200 scale, but they have joined the stream of classics that is being put out by InFlight200 with a very nice set of CRJ200 (American Eagle old c/s, Independence Air, Air Inter/Air France). Speaking of InFlight200, they continue to release many subjects in 1:200 scale that are rare and sought after in 1:400, just FYI. Waffle Collectibles announced earlier in the month the arrival of a nice set of Herpa releases in 1:500 and 1:200. Another small set of 1:200 Herpa pre-orders came via Eztoys, including a Maerks Air DHC-7. Outlook The GeminiJets recent MD-80 trend continues in August with an Aeromexico one in the 1980’s c/s and a USAir one in the early 1990’s. Aeroclassics and Phoenix July announcements came late in the month. Aeroclassics advertised theirs as “Summer.” So we could not be seeing another announcement from them until late August or even September. Featured Article Have you seen the new GeminiJets 767-400? Click on the image below to check it out.

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