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Updated: May 14, 2023


I would like to welcome you to Yankee Victor 400. As the name indicates this site has to do with Venezuelan aviation and the number 400. Effectively, this site holds a collection of photos showing scale airplane models of Venezuelan airlines, as well as airlines from other countries that have visited Venezuela. The number 400 comes from 1:400, which is the scale most prominently represented in the site’s gallery to this date.

I have always seen scale model collecting as one of the most captivating aviation-related hobbies that exists. These miniature replicas are one of the most sublime ways to honor the enigmatic and graceful flying machines that captivate us aviation lovers.

Venezuelan airline models have always been a rarity, mainly because for many years they were almost non-existent. It is precisely because of this that I believe creating a site like this is worth it. So that a considerable amount of photographic material and information on the niche topic of Venezuelan die-cast models can be concentrated and preserved for posterity.

This is my second attempt at creating a website about Venezuelan scale models. The first one was called Viasa400, and as the name indicates in only contained Viasa models. But since little by little more Venezuelan models have been produced, and more airlines from the country have entered the die-cast world, I decided to create a more adequate site to store all this new and growing amount of material.

This is how the home page of Viasa400 looked like during its short existance

For now, the site’s gallery consists mainly of the pictures that were on Viasa400. But the photo collection is going to grow rapidly. In fact, chances are that by the time you are reading this the collection already contains more than just Viasa photos.



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