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Exceptional Aircraft Model & Diorama Photography

Viasa DC-10s airplane models in 1:400 scale

About YV400

Yankee Victor 400 comprises a series galleries showcasing different types of airline collectibles including, but not limited to, scale aircraft models, airline memorabilia, and aircraft photos. The site also hosts a blog where scale model collecting, aviation history, and the magic of flight converge in order to bring the reader entertaining and informative stories.

The Beginnings 

The first version of the site was called Viasa400 (2015), and as the name indicates, it only included photos of 1:400 scale models of Viasa. The site then evolved into YankeeVictor400 (2021), and its content expanded to include the site owner's full collection of aircraft models and other aviation memorabilia.


In 2023 an option was enabled for other collectors, besides the site owner, to upload their highly elaborate aircraft model & diorama photographs. YankeeVictor400's blog does the same for aircraft model collectors who wish to share the passion through elaborate pieces of writing instead of images.

The ultimate goal of YankeeVictor400 is to share the passion for aviation with the entire world through the hobby of aircraft model collecting and diorama building.

Do you want to share your content through YankeeVictor400?


If you are interested in collaborating as a writer use the contact form below or send an email to: with your request to join the team as a writer. You can upload photos (subject to screening) using the photo upload form.


Jorge A. Zajia: Site creator

Mark - Retrohangar Diecast: Writer


YV-400 is open to continuous improvement and to staying connected with its visitors, so please feel free to reach out for any of the following:


  • Correct erroneous information

  • Add relevant missing information

  • General questions regarding the site’s content

  • Suggestions to improve the site

  • Contribute content to the site

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